The Series TY-B, 2.8, 5.6, and 8.0 K-factor, Upright and Pendent Sprinklers described in this data sheet are standard response - standard coverage, decorative 5 mm glass bulb type spray sprinklers designed for use in light, ordinary, or extra hazard, commercial
occupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, factories, refineries, chemical plants, etc.

The recessed version of the Series TY-B Pendent Sprinkler, where applicable, is intended for use in areas with a finished ceiling. It uses a two-piece Style 10 (1/2 inch NPT) or Style 40 (3/4 inch NPT) Recessed Escutcheon. The Recessed Escutcheon provides 1/2
inch (12,7 mm) of recessed adjustment or up to 3/4 inch (19,1 mm) of total adjustment from the flush pendent position. The adjustment provided by the Recessed Escutcheon reduces the accuracy to which the fixed pipe drops to the sprinklers must be

Corrosion resistant coatings, where applicable, are utilized to extend the life of copper alloy sprinklers beyond that which would otherwise be obtained when exposed to corrosive atmospheres. Although corrosion resistant coated sprinklers have passed the
standard corrosion tests of the applicable approval agencies, the testing is not representative of all possible corrosive  atmospheres. Consequently, it is recommended that the end user be consulted with respect to the suitability of these coatings for any given corrosive environment. The effects of ambient temperature, concentration of chemicals, and gas/chemical velocity, should be considered, as a minimum, along with the corrosive nature of the chemical to which the sprinklers will be exposed.

An intermediate level version of the Series TY-B Pendent Sprinkler can be obtained by utilizing the Series TY-B Pendent Sprinkler in combination with the Model S2 Shield.