The TYCO Model CV-1F Grooved End Swing Check Valves are compact and rugged swing-type units that allow water flow in one direction and prevent flow in the opposite direction. A resilient elastomer seal facing on the springloaded clapper ensures a leak-tight seal and non-sticking operation. The Model CV-1F Check Valves are designed to minimize water hammer caused by flow

The Model CV-1F Grooved End Swing Check Valves are furnished with grooved ends and can be installed using GRINNELL Grooved Couplings or GRINNELL Figure 71 Flange Adapters. The Model CV-1F Check Valves have been designed with a removable cover for ease of field maintenance. These valves can be installed horizontally (with cover in the upward position) or vertically
with the flow in the upward direction (Ref. Figure 4). 

A Maintenance Check Valve Kit (TFP1555) is available to allow the maintenance procedure of backflushing through the fire department connection without removing the Model CV-1F Grooved  End Swing Check Valve from the pipe line. The Model CV-1F Grooved End Swing Check Valves are a redesign for the Central Figure 590F and  GRINNELL Figure 590F.